Collier County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Sue Flynn



                                   Naples, Florida, March 18, 2015                                        




LET IT BE REMEMBERED, that the Collier County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, in and for the County of Collier, having conducted business herein, met on this date at 2:00 P.M. in a REGULAR SESSION at Immokalee Community Park, 321 North 1st Street, Immokalee, Florida, with the following members present:


                                    CHAIRMAN:         Edward “Ski” Olesky

                                             VICE CHAIR:        Phil Brougham

                                                                              Mary Bills

                                                                              John Fuchs

                                                                              McMurdo Smith

                                                                              David Saletko (Excused)

                                                                              Rebecca Gibson-Laemel                               


ALSO PRESENT:        Nick Roberts, Regional Manager

                                       Nancy Olson, Regional Manager

                                       Arron Hopkins, Parks Supervisor          

                                       Margaret Bishop, Facilities Management

                                       Rick Garby, Parks Superintendent

                                       Miguel Rojas Jr., Administrative Assistant

                                       Todd Irby, Supervisor – Parks Programs

                                       Vickie Wilson, Supervisor Golden Gate Community Center

                                       Corey Bischof, Parks and Recreation Maintenance

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I.             Call to Order

     Chairman Olesky called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M.  A quorum was    

       established.  Five (5) voting members were present.


  1. II.             Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

           The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Invocation was held.


  1. III.      Approval of Agenda

                            Move:  VI.       New Business – Employee of the Month above V. Staff Highlights


                        Ms. Bills moved to approve Agenda as amended. 

                        Second by Vice Chairman Brougham.

                        Motion carried unanimously; 5-0.


  1. IV.      Approval of February 18, 2015 Minutes


Ms. Laemel-Gibson moved to approve the February 18, 2015 Minutes presented. 

Second by Ms. Bills. 

Motion carried unanimously; 5–0.


John Fuchs arrived at 2:07 P. M,


  1. V.   Staff Highlights – Addressed after VI. Employee of the Month


  1. VI.    New Business

Employee of the Month

            Nick Roberts announced Employees for the Month as follows::

  • Todd Irby, Supervisor Parks Programs  - December, 2014
  • Vickie Wilson, Supervisor Golden Gate Community – January, 2015
  • Corey Bischof, Maintenance Worker – February, 2015

            They were recognized for going above and beyond their responsibilities and were presented the “Employee of the Month” award.


  1. VII.    Staff Highlights

Capital Project Review – Facilities Management

Staff gave a brief Capital Project Overview presentation dated March 18, 2015: (See attached)

  • 80184 – Eagle Lakes Community Center

-          80% completed.

-          Scheduled to be completed in April 13, 2015.

-          Grand Opening date to be determined. 

  • 80286 - Eagle Lakes Aquatic Additions

-          Commissioner Fiala would like to acquire additional parcel from neighboring preserve to avoid cramping the new pool area or sacrificing features due to space which may be doable with some mitigation costs.

-          Discussion with Utilities revealed the area across from the parking lot is a better option.

  • Clam Pass Beach Park – South Extension

-          Both TDC and PARAB have come out against this project.

-          On March 10, 2015 the BCC rejected design contract, will re-bid, have stakeholder meetings and bring back for approval.

  • 80256 – Wheels Skate and BMX  Track Repair

Reshape and resurface Golden Gate BMX Track using Soiltac® track surfacing material.

            Some resurfacing issues were discussed.


  1. VI.                       New Business

Employee of the Month– Addressed previously


Five Year Capital Plan 2015 - 2020

 For Advisory Board’s review.


            “Celebrate Immokalee” Beer Sales Permission

Bernardo Barnhart – President of Immokalee Chamber of Commerce requested permission to sell beer at “Celebrate Immokalee”

            Festival to be held on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at Airport Park.


            Vice Chairman Brougham moved to approve the sale of beer at the “Celebrate

            Immokalee” Festival.  Second by Ms. Bills.  Motion carried unanimously; 6-0.


            Clam Pass Concession Re-decking

Staff distributed an Executive Summary to make a Recommendation to reject RFP No. 14-6301 for Design Services for Clam Pass Park Boardwalk and Restroom Facility and not proceed with the negotiated contract with Q. Brady Minor and Associates, P.A., reduce the project scope to include repair and the replacement work, and re-solicit with a new Request for Proposal.  (See attached)


Staff distributed and reviewed proposals from Bradanna Inc. and Surety Construction Company for the Clam Pass for the removal and disposal of PT wood decking from the concession area and restrooms, including walkways down to the beach.  A site plan of concession and walkways was also provided.  (See attached) 

It was noted Surety Construction Company was the lowest bidder at $223,544.56 with options for handrail and rail cap replacement.


Margaret Bishop reported TDC gave $200,000 for the project.  She noted a shortfall of $50,000.  They plan to ask TDC for the additional funds.


Vice Chairman Brougham moved to approve the project; to replace decking and maintenance subject to obtaining the necessary funds.  Second by Mr. Fuchs.  Motion carried unanimously; 6-0.



  1. VII.                Old Business

          Dog Park Update

Staff distributed an Executive Summary to make a Recommendation to accept a status report regarding existing and proposal off leash dog parks within the County Parks Sites.

Nick Roberts reported the purpose of the Executive Summary is to address issues regarding sound emanating from the Rover Run Park and to examine the prospect of locating an off-leash dog park within existing County property on Whitaker Road in East Naples.


          Clam Pass Southern Update – Addressed previously


  1. VIII.             Adopt a Park Reports

                     John Fuchs reported on Goodland Boat Park.  He reviewed and provided “Adopt a Park Survey” completed forms.

  • Liked best.

       – Great spot to launch a boat

  • Things that you would do to improve that could be done right away that would not cost a lot.

-          Handicap ramp needs to be repaired

-          Power-wash mildew

            He stated people seem to have no complaints.

               Hereported Margood Harbor Park.  He reviewed and provided “Adopt a Park Survey” completed forms.   The thing he liked best was the park is a

            neat, clean and has a nice play area for children


                     Ms. Rebecca Gibson Laemel reported on Barefoot Beach Park and Preserve.

                     Vanderbilt Beach/Garage, North Collier Regional Park and Logan Preserve.

                     Barefoot Beach Park and Preserve

  • Safe, attractive, clean and well maintained
  • Hundreds of people and parking lot nearly filled by 10:30 A.M.
  • Friends of Barefoot Beach volunteerism is impressive

She suggested PAR continue to work with FGCU students regarding interactive signage.

                     Vanderbilt Beach/Garage

  • Safe, attractive and fairly clean considering the late time of day at the beach
  • Hundreds of people, some leaving and some arriving for sunset
  • No evidence of volunteerism

          North Collier Regional Park

  • Safe, attractive, clean and looks well maintained
  • Well attended
  • Volunteerism was evident in the Exhibition Hall
  • Fields, gymnasium and fitness center are impressive
  • Signage needs to be refurbished.

            She suggested retractable basketball hoops for the gymnasium.

            Logan Preserve

  • Short cut through pine needle path from Logan over to Pine Ridge
  • Trash out of container and over-turned


  1. IX.                   Directors Highlights

         Nick Roberts reported:

  • Accreditation - PAR did excellent and waiting on CAPRA for results.
  • Budget Summary reflected a 3% increase.  Budget will be done over the next two weeks.
  • Nick Casalanquido was promoted to Assistant County Manager.


 X.         Information Items

The Collier County Parks and Recreation - Adopt a Park Issue Tracking Report was distributed.


XI.         Public Comments/Board Member Comments


                                 Next Meeting:  Regular Meeting:  April 15, 2015

         Location:  North Regional Park, 15000 Livingston Road, Naples, Florida is scheduled for 2:00 P.M.


         There being no further business for the good of the County, the meeting was adjourned by order of the Chairman at 3:23 P.M.






               ADVISORY BOARD





                                       Chairman Ski Olesky, Chairman





These Minutes were approved by the Committee/Board on ___________________, as presented ____or as amended ____.  


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