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Tuscaloosa County Commission Meeting Agenda (TPD1512057)

Tuscaloosa County

Commission Meeting Agenda

December 16, 2015



b. Soil Stabilizing Polymer: Award bid to Soilworks in the amount of

    $40,744.00. Soilworks is the low bid meeting the specifications.

  1. Melvin Vines, County Administrator

    1. County Commission and Personnel Report

    2. Appointment to DHR Board


  1. Scott Anders, County Engineer
    1. Work Report

    2. Open bids: Survey Equipment, Trackhoe

    3. Award Bids:

      1. Uniform Bid: Award the uniform bid to G & K Services in the amount of $89,325.60 for 3 years of service for both the Public Works Department and Courthouse Maintenance. This is the same company that has had the contract for the last three years.

      1. Soil Stabilizing Polymer: Award bid to Soilworks in the amount of

$40,744.00. Soilworks is the low bid meeting the specifications.

    1. Harless Road Water Line Relocation: Request approval for an increase of $9,850 in the funding for the relocation of the Carroll’s Creek Waterline at the Harless Road bridge replacement project. The Commission approved the funding of the original cost estimate of $22,800; the low bid received meeting the specifications was $29,650; and a subsequent change in the scope of work to improve the serviceability of the water line estimated to cost an additional $3,000.

    1. Preliminary Subdivision(s) to be voted on by the Commission for approval:

      1. Josh Eaton Subdivision (waiver requested), District 2

    2. Preliminary Subdivision Plats to be presented to the Commission for review:

      1. Waterton Lakes, Resurvey of Lots 11 & 12, District 2

      2. Gilmore Mining Road Subdivision, District 2

    3. Requests for waivers to subdivision regulations:

      1. Resurvey of Lot 5, Olde Mill Trace No. 2, District 2

      2. Josh Eaton Subdivision, District 2


    1. Subdivisions to be accepted for maintenance:

      1. Kings Ridge Subdivision, Plat No. 1, District 3

      2. Kings Ridge Subdivision, Plat No. 2, District 3

      3. Kings Ridge Subdivision, Plat No. 3, District 3

      4. Kings Ridge Subdivision, Plat No. 4, District 3

      5. Kings Ridge Subdivision, Plat No. 5, District 3

    2. Recommend approval of a proposal from TTL -cement design mix for the full depth reclamation on Lock 17 Road. $17,460.00

    3. Request approval to purchase wetland credits for the bridge replacement project on Malone Creek Road over Malone Mill Creek. $6,720.00


  1. Farrington Snipes, Planning Director
    1. Holt Sanitary Sewer Extension Project, CDBG Project Number: DTR-13-02 – Proposed Change Order Requesting Time Extension for Contractor (GFC Construction)

    2. Airport Industrial Park Water and Sewer Extension Project (BOLTA), EDA Project Number: 04-79-06986 – Proposed Change Order for Contractor (REV Construction, Inc.) Change Order is for Balancing Estimated vs. Final Installed Quantities Resulting in reduction of Contract Amount



  1. Bill Lamb, Chief Financial Officer
    1. Warrants approval for November 2015


  1. Jim Patrie, Solid Waste Director
    1. Work Report


  1. Robert Spence, County Attorney
    1. Public hearings for properties on the public nuisance list:

      1. 34 Ridge Ave

      2. 4511 Highpoint Dr

      3. 3300 Pinecrest


    1. Request 60 day extension of demolition on 15712 Hwy 69N, Northport


  1. Judge Chuck Malone, Mike Echols
    1. Tuscaloosa County Deferral Program


  1. Lacy Reid – Community Service Program


  1. Commissioner Jerry Tingle – District II:

    1. Remove 25 Ridge Ave and 27 Ridge Ave from Public Nuisance/Demo list. Property has been cleared/demolished and inspected by Patrick Branch.


  1. Commissioner Bobby Miller – District III:
    1. Road and Bridge Holiday Shutdown


  1. Commissioner Reginald Murray – District IV:
    1. Remove the following properties from the Public Nuisance/Demo list:

      1. 4119 60th Court.  Property has been sold and has been cleaned.

      2. 4241 60th Court. Property has cleaned.

      3. 5516 14th Ave E, Jerusalem Heights. Property cleaned and will be moved into in January.

    2. Adopt City of Tuscaloosa minority contractor program (Tuscaloosa Builds) and coordinate administration and costs with the City of Tuscaloosa

    3. Amend the Capital Budget by transferring $700,000.00 from the surplus fund to the General Fund to purchase park property on Holley Springs Lane in Fosters

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