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Soilworks products are the industry’s top standard due to our insistence on creating high performance soil stabilization and dust control products that stand up to rigorous testing – both in the lab and in the field. Our commitment to quality and performance has led to our involvement and testing in hundreds of real-world situations. The following library of reports, presentations, specifications, approvals and other similar documents provide you, our customer, the transparency and dependable assurance that is expected from Soilworks.

Military Industry Brochure (SCB1604010)

Dust Control & Soil Stabilization

When failure is not an option, militaries around the world turn to Soilworks to solve their soil stabilization and dust control challenges. Our products continue to be rigorously tested and their performance field verified by Military organizations including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our commitment is to large-scale consistency, military-grade dependability and unvarying repeatability. That’s how we can provide all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense, United Nations, Allied Forces and many other military organizations with the necessary confidence to help protect and save lives.


  • A patented, state-of-the-art synthetic dust control fluid
  • Spreads like water providing an easy to use dust control product to quickly build helipads and FARPs
  • No special equipment required to deploy
  • Durasoil is backwards compatible to diesel fuel; thus, can be transported in fuel trucks and deployed in theater, with standard pumps and hoses
  • Durasoil is made from clean, plentiful natural gas making it distinctively clear, odorless to deploy in FOB camps providing comfort to our troops in theater from harsh dust conditions
  • Durasoil has an unlimited shelf-life making it a truly expeditionary dust control product


  • The strongest of Soilworks product lines
  • Military personnel can adjust application rates of Soiltac to achieve desired results
  • Modest application rates can create dust suppression and erosion control by creating a three-dimensional cap or surface crust
  • Heavier application rates can create qualities similar to cement to build semi-permanent helipads and runway FOD control


An alternative to Soiltac, Gorilla-Snot is the value-engineered version of Soiltac. Gorilla-Snot is an eco-safe, biodegradable, liquid copolymer used to stabilize and solidify any soil or aggregate as well as erosion control and dust suppression.

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