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Bainbridge Island Proposed Community Pump Track (TPD1602091)

Proposed Bainbridge Island Community Pump Track





What is a Pump Track? Who will use it?

Building it Right

Potential Locations and Recommended Location


What will it cost?

Long Term Maintenance



At its May 1, 2014 meeting, the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park and Recreation District (BIMPRD) authorized staff to work with the Gear Grinders and interested mountain bikers to develop a pump track proposal. After extensive review and consultation, the Bainbridge Island Mountain Club and the Gear Grinders with the assistance of Evergreen West Sound, are proposing the building of a mountain bike pump track. We discuss several locations and recommend the pump track be located at Battle Point Park. Pump tracks are suitable for riders of all ages and are features for introducing new riders to mountain biking and developing skills for all riders. A Bainbridge Island pump track will draw families to the park and keep all riders coming back for more.  The proposed pump track can be built in a relatively short period of time at low cost while maximizing community benefit. The cost of construction will be from the pump track fund raising campaign and much of the labor will be done by volunteers.

What is a pump track?

A pump track is a series of rollers, smooth bumps and berms that can be ridden without pedaling. The name “pump track” comes from the pumping motion used by the rider’s upper and lower body as they ride around the track.


Riding a pump track teaches riders a number of essential mountain biking skills:


  1. Pumping the terrain to gain speed;
  2. Riding berms and improving cornering,
  3. Maintaining momentum;
  4. Focusing ahead of where you’re riding;


And it is a great workout and lots of fun. Men, women and children enjoy the satisfaction of

riding the rolling terrain and once they’re built people don’t stop riding. Two good videos that show pump tracks similar to what we are proposing are:

Bikes in Schools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAhnfrBlCqY


How to Pump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esEkg-3lF44


Who will use it?

Having a pump track on the island will enable our families to have convenient and ready access to a fun and challenging amenity. As pump tracks are built all around the nation, communities are discovering the value of such facilities. Youth mountain biking is growing rapidly throughout the State and Nation. The total number of middle school riders in the Washington Student Cycling League doubled in 2015 from the prior year and the number of girls tripled.

The Gear Grinders, Bainbridge Island’s two mountain bike teams have grown steadily over the last four years. In 2015, we had 34 riders, 22 on the middle school team and 120 on the high school team. We already have 34 the 2016 season and we are still registering riders. In the last few years the Gear Grinders are the single largest source of volunteers helping build our trails. They train on Grand Forest trails and Battle Point and would make regular use of the new pump track.




BIMPRD has a large and growing mountain biking program and is a leader in youth recreation. BIMPRD has developed an extensive mountain bike program including summer camps and regular rides throughout the year. These programs serve hundreds of junior riders and they continue to expand.


Building it Right


We will be relying on the expertise of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Evergreen West Sound. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has been promoting mountain biking since the early 1990’s. Evergreen has a proven history of working with land managers to plan and build fun, sustainable mountain bike trails and parks suitable for every age and skill level from beginner to expert. Evergreen began building trails on E. Tiger Mountain, where it continues to build and maintain some of the most popular trails in the Seattle area. Evergreen has partnered with City of Seattle to build the I-5 Colonnade Bike Park; King County Parks to build the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, which sees approximately 100,000 rider visits per year; and Metro Parks Tacoma to plan and build the Swan Creek Bike Park.


Evergreen West Sound has a track record of positive community interactions. West Sound is financially solvent and founded on volunteerism. West Sound has a strong track record of partnering with civic organizations. West Sound has contributed to local parks throughout the peninsula, including Bainbridge Island. West Sound has become the largest chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and, combined with expertise of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, West Sound has the resources to support the successful completion of this project.


Potential Locations and Recommended Location

Consistent with the Board’s decision on May 1, 2014, the Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club worked closely with BIMPRD staff to identify appropriate criteria for evaluating potential sites for a pump track and in evaluating these sites. Thoroughly evaluate the feasibility and value of each site. The criteria we applied included:

  • anticipated public benefit
  • convenience of site and proximity to trails systems that allow mountain biking
  • availability of parking and other amenities
  • available space and impact of the track on nearby park features

Four potential sites have been identified during the preparation of this proposal; Battle Point Park, Strawberry Hill Park, Fort Ward Hill and Hilltop. None of the sites need extensive site preparation before construction. The relative merits of the sites and our recommendation to build the pump track at Battle Point Park are discussed below. Other sites were discussed




during the consultation process including Gazzam Lake, Manzanita Park and Rotary Park. Issues such as access to trails and readily available space resulted in these sites not being included.

Option 1 – Battle Point Park


The Battle Point site is just southeast of the roller rink and would replace the existing sand volleyball court and would cover approximately 125 by 150 feet.

  • The park has activities for the whole family. Because the pump track will be visible to many park users, this should result in many community members trying out the track.
  • Well integrated into BIMPRD trails system and centrally located.
  • Adjacent to BIMPRD junior mountain bike programs
  • On training route used by the Gear Grinders mountain bike teams.
  • Water, parking and restrooms readily available.
  • Has ample room for construction.

Photos of Battle Point Site (rectangle represents 125 by 150 feet)

Picture Placeholder

Picture Placeholder






Option 2 – Strawberry Hill Park


The Strawberry Hill site is the grassy area just east of the tennis courts.


  • The site is not well connected to the BIMPRD trail system.
  • The site is centrally located.
    • This site is limited to an approximate 100 by 125 rectangular area and track would be near another park structure.
    • Water, parking and restrooms readily available.

Photos of Strawberry Hill Site (rectangle represents 100 by 125 feet)


Picture Placeholder

Picture Placeholder




Options 3 – Upper Fort Ward


Site 3 is on the west side of Fort Ward Hill Road


  • Well integrated into the Fort Ward and Blakely Harbor trails.
  • Not centrally located.
  • Parking not adjacent to the sites but available at Fort Ward Park upper lot.
  • Water not currently available but could be added.
  • Has ample room for construction and is not close to other park features.
  • Restroom not immediately available but nearby.

Photos of Fort Ward Site (rectangle represents 125 by 150 feet)


Picture Placeholder



Picture Placeholder





Option 4 – Hilltop


The site is adjacent to the barn.


  • Site well integrated into BIMPRD trail system and is centrally located.
  • Parking not adjacent to the site but available at Mandus Olson Road.
  • On training route used by the Gear Grinders.
  • Site is smaller than others and the pump track would be close to an existing structure.
  • Water not immediately available but nearby.
  • Restroom not immediately available.

Photos of Hilltop Site (rectangle represents 100 by 125 feet)


Picture Placeholder

Picture Placeholder







Recommended Location


We recommend the pump track be located at Battle Point because we believe it will get the most use at that site by the BIMPD mountain bike program, the Gear Grinders teams and other community members. Also, the site has parking and other amenities available and has ample room for construction.




Project Schedule


Phase I: Design, fundraising and stakeholder


2 Months

Upon approval of the proposal, our fundraising and stewardship committee complete the final design and

work with Parks to obtain necessary permits.

Estimated completion date:

              , 2016

Phase II: Building pump track

2 Months

Construction of all the berms and rollers and fencing. The pump track is covered with nontoxic biodegradable coating.

Estimated completion date:

              , 2016

Grand Opening Celebration


Once the project is completed we would have a grand

opening celebration inviting the entire community



How much will it cost?

The funding to build the pump track will come from community fundraising. The proposed materials budget is below.


Construction Costs

Cost Estimate

Dirt and delivery


Miscellaneous supplies


Signage and fencing


Soiltac® erosion control non-toxic bio-degradeable polymer








Long Term Maintenance

In addition, the proposed sites are very suitable for storm runoff. We would not be changing the overall grade so storm runoff will remain good. Because we will use nontoxic biodegradable polymers for the pump track surface, long term grading maintenance will be relatively minimal.   Users will work with BIMPRD to periodically maintain the track to ensure it remains in good condition year round. We anticipate that most of the volunteers for these work parties will come from the users of the pump track and their parents. Since the pump track will be within an existing park, services such as trash pickup and restrooms will be provided by the BIMPRD. We do not anticipate the pump track will add significantly to the need for such services.


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