KRQE Ch 13 CBS Albuquerque - Authorities Use “Gorilla-Snot” to Help Control Blowing Dust Along I-10

KRQE News 13 Staff
KRQE News 13

LORDSBURG, N.M. (KRQE) – Authorities in Arizona have come up with an interesting way to cut down on dust and closures along I-10.

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The closures have been affecting New Mexico starting in Lordsburg and stretching into Arizona. The latest closure was just on Tuesday.

The Arizona Department of Transportation says the dust is coming from cleared farmland and they’re working on getting it under control. Their plan includes watering the land down, but that’s coming at a cost.


Now, as part of their latest effort the state is bringing in “Gorilla-Snot.” Chemists have developed the plastic like product that helps coat the soil and hold down the dust. It’s said the effort has cost the state about $200,000.

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