KVIA Ch 7 ABC New Mexico - Road Crew Sprays 'Gorilla-Snot' to Help Placate Dust Storms Along I-10

Jamie Warren, New Mexico Reporter

Cochise County, AZ ­ Officials are using a different method to alleviate dust storms on Interstate 10.

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Arizona Department of Public Safety Spokesman Kameron Lee told ABC­7's New Mexico Mobile Newsroom a company is spraying "Gorilla-Snot" on a property that sits 30 miles west of the New Mexico­Arizona state line.

Officials say dust on the property has been the cause of numerous freeway closures in the past couple of weeks.

Gorilla-snot is considered an eco­friendly, biodegradable, liquid. It is used by companies for erosion control and dust suppression. "What the product is intended to do is essentially glue the top layer of soil down to keep the wind from picking it up," Trooper Kameron Lee, with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, said.

Because of the increased dust, the Cochise County Sheriff's Department says they've been to San Simon 5­7 times to patrol traffic in last two weeks.

During the freeway closures, drivers on I­10 had to take a 110 mile detour.

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