KSAZ Ch 10 FOX Phoenix - ADEQ Turns to 'Gorilla-Snot' to Help Solve Arizona Dust Problems

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Dangerous and deadly dust clouds have forced the Arizona Department of Transportation to close Interstate 10 in eastern Arizona seven times. Now a possible solution with an unlikely name -- Gorilla-Snot -- comes to the rescue.

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"Like taking a big jar of Elmer's Glue and spreading out," said Soilworks'  Karol   Clark.

Which is exactly what Soilworks' crews are doing as the company website demonstrates. They're treating 320 acres closest to the highway along I-10 near the problem area of San   Simon.

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ADEQ turns to 'Gorilla-Snot' to help solve Arizona dust problems

"Going in, it's going to soak into the ground. It's going to create a crust. It's still going to be flexible enough that you can walk on and stuff like that, it's just going to glue everything in place," explained Clark.

According to Soilworks, the Gorilla-Snot formula, which is manufactured at a plant in Chandler, controls dust and stabilizes soil. It goes on white, but dries clear.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality expects this application to keep the dust down for months. Which leads to the question, can we possibly use it in other problem dust areas, like along certain stretches of I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson? The short answer is maybe. Several agencies are looking into whether Gorilla-Snot will work in other areas.

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