KGUN Ch 9 ABC Tucson - Officials Say Dust is Settled at Farm Causing I-10 Closures

The Associated Press
KGUN Ch 9 ABC Tucson

SAN SIMON, Ariz. (AP) - The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality says efforts to stabilize dust at a farm that caused multiple I-10 closures near the New Mexico border has worked so far.

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Spokeswoman Caroline Oppleman said only 55 acres of the 640-acre farm near San Simon haven't been stabilized but that the owner of the farm plans to plant on that portion of the land by the end of next week.

The state added a chemical stabilizer to half of the farm late last month after watering it to keep dust at bay was unsuccessful. The landowner took over stabilization to the other half.

The farm caused several dust storms that shut down Interstate 10 several times in May, sending drivers near the New Mexico state line on a long detour to avoid low visibility.

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