Moreton Bay Project Council - Decomposed Granite and Asphalt Path Details

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Decomposed Granite and Asphalt Path Details

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- Ensure mown height of grass and garden
areas finish 25mm below adjacent pavement
- Ensure even grade crossfall min . 1 :50 to path .
- Ensure asphalt paths are located in accordance
with o detailed landscape pion .
- Path surface treatment to be BCC type 1
asphalt - refer BCC 'Reference specifications
for civil engineering works' S310 - Supply of
dense asphalt.
- Prepare sub-grade, scarify and dry mix 40
(fines) special roodbose with cement ratio 10:1
to blend. Spread evenly. Water lightly.
- Paths & pavement areas to comply with
Australian standards and council requirements
for access & mobility (AS 1428).
- All dimensions in millimetres.

Compaction :
- Compact subgrade and deco material
separately not less than 95% maximum dry
density as determined by the modified
compaction test as defined in AS1289 for the
upper 150mm. Avoid compaction around base
of any trees.
Sub-base Preparation:

Ensure subbose profile forms the required
drainage falls when the surface is laid .

Surface Construction :
The following steps ore suggested and will need l
to be repeated to achieve FSL: 
Place and rake evenly approximately 30mm J!
of decomposed granite material. 
Add soil stabiliser 'DUSTAC' or SOILTAC (or .le
approved equivalent) at o rate j
recommended by manufacturer OR e
alternatively rake through cement at 5%
Moisten the material and compact using o J
vibrating roller. The roller should not weigh 
more than 30Kg. 
- The finished surface shall be free from stones ]
and rocks.
If at time of construction, the sub - grade
strength is such that it is penetrating /
infiltrating the class 2 grovel layer during
compaction, a BCC type 3 geotextile is to be
placed between the grovel and the sub-grade.

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