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Underground Mining with Durasoil (TPD1706015)

Soilworks has recently been issued a third US patent for its dust suppression formula Durasoil, an environmentally safe, non-toxic synthetic fluid that can compact various soils and aggregates and provide long­ term soil stabilization and dust suppression.

“The awarding of this third patent shows we continue to innovate and invest in our technology, Soilworks Chief Executive Officer Chad Falkenberg said.

Durasoil is engineered for the most challenging intense­ use dust control needs. The non-petroleum based fluid with Gas to Liquid (GTL) technology is made from natural gas and is crystal clear, odorless and formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy.

Durasoil is environmentally friendly and safe to spray around people, animals and vegetation.

This third patent comes two years after Soilworks was awarded a second US patent for the product

Before Durasoil was invented. Soilworks said traditional petroleum-based dust suppressants and synthetic fluid derivatives lacked durability and only offered short-term effectiveness in limited conditions.

Durasoil’s GTL engineered formula is a synthetic compound that offers long-term durability and is effective under broad soil and weather conditions. The result is a safe and non-toxic composition capable of reducing the generation of airborne and suspended particulate matter even under the most extreme and demanding environments.

Durasoil is a specialised liquid dust suppressant primarily designed to control dust by ‘wetting out· any soil or aggregate on dusty dirt and gravel roads. The outcome is a unique solution that coats, binds and dusters dust particles and weighs them down to control dust without creating a hard and solidified crust.

The product is engineered to withstand the most extreme abuse from heavy vehicle traffic including tracked vehicles. Its water insoluble properties and continuously reworkable formula allows any treated road to be serviced with a motor grader while still maintaining its full dust suppression performance.

“Our patented innovations found in Durasoil are driving expectations for performance, capabilities and environmental efficacy to significant new heights of which our industry has never seen”·Mr. Falkenberg said.

“Our product’s broad use effectiveness extends well beyond other available solutions, demonstrating our continued passion for genuine value through cutting edge technology:”· NMC

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