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Soilworks products are the industry’s top standard due to our insistence on creating high performance soil stabilization and dust control products that stand up to rigorous testing – both in the lab and in the field. Our commitment to quality and performance has led to our involvement and testing in hundreds of real-world situations. The following library of reports, presentations, specifications, approvals and other similar documents provide you, our customer, the transparency and dependable assurance that is expected from Soilworks.

TÜRKMEN GALA Information Booklet (TPD1707036)


Reliable Partner In Building The Future


1 About Turkmen Gala

3 Our Goal

3 Our Strategy

5 Our Services | Inspection and Maintenance

6 Rope Access For Oil & Gas Industry

8 Tank Calibration & Survey

10 Subsea Services

12 Industrual Insulation

13 Tank/Vessel Cleaning, Oil Sludge Removal And Treatment

14 Slope & Erosion Control

15 EPCC Capability

19 Products


Turkman Gala

Tel: +99312 48 33 03

Fax: +99312 48 33 23



Garashsyzlyk str., 20

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


Turkmen Gala is a diversified engineering, procurement, construction and contracting service provider to the onshore and offshore oil & gas, industrial sector and energy industries.
This century of construction and services are stimulating higher performance standards with disciplined people, thought and action in these regard we are able to offer total solution from designing to fabrication and commissioning to decommissioning.
With our capabilities we aim to achieve set of objectives in a given time within agreed properties while respecting environ-ment and caring people.

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Our Goal
Turkmen Gala’s objective is to enhance it’s position as a one of main provider of engineering and construction services to the oil & gas, energy and industrial sectors, and to extend the company’s operations to support the needs of clients across a growing range of sectors and geographies.

Our Strategy

  • Provision of turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions, via a vertical structure aligned to our clients’ needs throughout the complete life cycle of their assets.
  • Expanding into new sectors where our core skills are complementary.
  • Continuing to deliver high quality products on schedule and on budget for all our clients.
  • Maintaining health and safety excellence across our operations and ensure our activities are environmentally sustainable.

Our Trusted Partners Around the World
For years, Turkmen Gala has been developing an extensive and trustworthy network of overseas agencies to support the needs of clients across a growing range of sectors.

Inspection & Maintenance
Inspection capabilities remain one of the critical requirements for the energy and marine sectors. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and corrosion monitor-ing are important aspects of a sound maintenance system. Without a proper plan in place, manufacturers risk accidents, unnecessary time delays and costs to fix problems that could have been avoided through proper monitoring and evaluation. Turkmen Gala HJ’s advanced inspection division is continually evolving to remain at the forefront of the demanding specialist industry and its applications. We ensure the highest standards of quality for our advanced inspections with our state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced engineers. We have an excellent reputa-tion for providing a high quality service.

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Services Offered

• Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
• Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)
• Alternate Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
• Time Of Fight Diffraction (TOFD)
• Guided-wave Ultrasound Testing (GUL)
• Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)


Shutdown and Turnaround Services
The Turkmen Gala HJ team excels in completing various inspection modalities within critical targets for both on-stream and for shutdowns of plants. By providing a range of interna-tionally certified resources such as in API, AWS, ASNT, BGAS, NACE, CSWIP, and PCN, we ensure all inspection plans are carried out with the utmost accuracy, reliability and profes-sionalism within client deadlines.


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Rope Access for Oil & Gas Industry
Turkmen Gala HJ services a growing global client base in the oil and gas upstream and downstream sectors. Avoiding operational downtime, in both the onshore and offshore environments continues to be of critical importance in the oil and gas sector, irrespective of the upstream or downstream location. With this in mind, Turkmen Gala HJ has tailored its range of industrial rope access services to meet with clients’ ongoing demand for excel-lence in safety, quality, and productivity. Establishing safe and inexpensive access to areas previously considered inaccessible or costly with traditional systems, multi-skilled Global Remote technicians can effectively carry out any number of required operations.


Inspection and Survey

• Underwater inspections in lieu of dry docking (UWILD)
• NDT inspections (UT, MT, PT, ECI, TOFD, ACFM, LRUT, GUL)
• Derrick inspections
• Dropped object surveys (DROPS)
• Restricted access and confined space entry
• Lifting gears surveys and inspections
• Vessel condition and class surveys (ABS & BV)
• Shutdown and turnaround inspection services
• Remote imaging (CCTV)
• Difficult access plant and piping inspections
• Restricted access and confined space entry
• Lifting gears surveys and inspections
• Shipyard and offloading facilities
• Flare tip and flare line inspections
• Stack and chimney inspections


Maintenance and Repairs

• Derrick maintenance, repair, and assembly
• Flare tip to splash zone maintenance and repair
• Heli deck remedial repairs
• Cathodic protection maintenance and repair
• Steel renewals and bolt tensioning
• Blasting
• Marine standard coating and sealant application
• Fabrication works
• Insulation works
• Electrical installations
• Mechanical and engineering support
• Demolishing and decommissioning
• Piping composite repair systems


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Tank Calibration & Survey
Tank calibration and survey capabilities remain a critical requirement for the energy and marine sectors, in both onshore and offshore environments. Reliable quantity measurement is critical in worldwide trading and can only be assured by accurate and regular calibration.
The storage of hazardous materials poses risks to both the local community and the environ-ment. Leakages from storage tanks such as oil, gas or chemicals can be influenced by external surface weather, or internal temperature variations, and can prove problematic and costly to ameliorate. Periodic inspection, surveys and calibration will help isolate potential issues, elimi-nating the likelihood of such occurrences. Turkmen Gala HJ provides technical calibration and surveys to ensure a storage tank’s compliance with the required international and local stan-dards, codes and client specifications.


Turkmen Gala HJ inspection and survey services include:

• Tank calibration and volumetric analysis
• Tank shell settlement evaluation
• Shell settlement graph and analysis
• Shell out of roundness survey
• Bottom plate settlement evaluation
• Tank tilt survey
• Shell radial displacement from tank base
• Floor plate layout
• Piping and instrumentation diagram
• Piping volumetric analysis

Turkmen Gala HJ can survey and calibrate:

• Cylindrical or rectangular vertical tanks
• Above-ground or underground vertical tanks
• Fixed, floating, dome or cone roof vertical tanks
• Cylindrical or rectangular horizontal tanks
• LPG and LNG tanks, bullets or spherical tanks
• Single-wall or double-wall ship tanks


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Subsea Services

Offshore Diving

We provide saturation, mixed gas and air diving support services for:

• SBM/SPM & PLEM installation & maintenance.
• Riser installation
• Pipeline, Flow-line, Cable tie in/free span corrections
• Anode installation/replacement
• NDT/Inspections of offshore structures & rigs
• IRM programs
• Navigational buoy maintenance & installation
• Hyperbaric welding
• Hydro-coupling installations and replacement
• Hot tapping
• Seabed clearance of wellheads
• Drilling support
• BOP & wellhead repairs and maintenance
• Explosives
• Jetting and air lifting
• LBL metrology


Inshore Diving

• Power plant pipeline, intakes and filter maintenance and refurbishment
• Johnson screen refurbishment, replacement and installation
• Assessment of desalination plant refurbishment and upgrading
• Chlorination and aeration pipeline refurbishment, replacement and installation
• Filter and dock wall intake reinforcements

ROV Services

• Seaeye Panther XTP WROV & Falcon ROV, Videoray Pro 3 & 4, Ocean modules V8 Sii 3600 ROV, Argus WROV.
• IRM, Pipeline survey
• Free span corrections
• Pipe laying support
• Drilling support
• Internal pipeline inspections

Civil’s Diving

etties, Harbor & break water construction support, inspection & maintenance
• Artificial lake & fountain Maintenance and Cleaning.
• Geo textiles installation on seabed
• U/W Still photography & Video
• Channel surveys and clearance
• Pipeline installation
• Sheet piles installation, inspection & cutting
• Debris removal
• Navigational buoy installation & maintenance
• Mooring buoy installation & maintenance
• Diving system and HBOT maintenance

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Industrial Insulation

• Piping
• Vessels
• Tanks
• Boilers
• Ductwork
• Equipment insulation system


Hybrid Acoustic Technology System (HATS) Intelligent Screening Tool for Asset Integrity Assessment

HATs study for defects identification

• Location of Defects
• Number of Defects
• Type of Defects
• Severity of Defects
• Size of Defects
• Defect Mapping


Tank/Vessel Cleaning,

Oil Sludge Removal And Treatment
Automated, modular tank cleaning and oil recovery systems include:

• COW: Crude tank cleaning + integrated oil recovery
• PTC: Product tank cleaning + integrated oil recovery
• SOR: Oil recovery from oily waste


Tank/Vessel Cleaning Team
Oil-recovery service crews excel at what they do, forming well-coordinated teams. Safety and efficiency are of most importance and reflect in the composition of each crew.

Tank Cleaning + Oil Separation
We clean crude oil and oil product tanks in a fraction of the time.
The resulting short tank downtime alone is a major cost-saving factor.


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Slop Oil Recovery
Our SOR system reclaims close to 100% of hydrocarbons from refinery waste in a highly automated process. Waste oils we treat include:

• Oil sludge from manual tank cleaning
• Secondary oils returned from petroleum refining processes.

Just like our tank desludging services, the large amount of valuable hydrocar-bons we recover ensures that you will make a profit. Likewise, by turning toxic oil waste into harmless solids you save a significant amount on disposal costs.


Safe Operation

• Non-man entry: No personnel enters the tank at any time.
• Fully automatic tank cleaning and oil recovery eliminates points of failure.
• Inert gas system with constant monitoring of explosive gases (LEL).
• Construction and installation to ATEX 95 (ATEX 114)
• Operation in accordance with ATEX 137.


Slope & Erosion Control

• Dust Control
• Soil Stabilization
• Road Maintenance
• Pipeline Wind Erosion Control Capping
• Stockpile Dust Suppression Sealing
• Road Stabilization and Strength Improvement
• Unpaved Road & Parking Lot Dust Control


Our expertise in EPCC capability and project management, coupled with our total commitment to quality and excellence, has distinguished us from our competitors.



• Basic Drawing
• Scantling Plan
• Construction Design
• 3D Modeling & Assembly Drawing
• Stress Analysis



• Conceptual & Basic Design
• Functional Description
• System Calculation
• Heat & Material Balance
• Machinery Arrangement



• Basic Design & Load Analysis
• Single Line , Block & Connection Diagram
• Functional Description
• Navigation & Communication System


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• Site Survey
• Detail Design & Approval
• Procurement & Pre-Fabrication
• Mobilization
• Training & Safety Induction



• Permit to Work
• Execution of Work
• Test & Inspection
• As Built Documentation


Final Documentation

• Final Acceptance
• Facility
• Handover
• Dossier Completion


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• Supplier Quality
• Production Quality
• Preservation Records



• Cleaning
• Flushing
• Hydrotests



• Leak Tests
• Loop Tests
• ESD Tests
• Performance Test


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• FLEX RoofTopCoat



SOILTAC (Sand Stabilization)

• Pipeline Crown Protection
• Well Site and Access Road
• Slope Erosion Control
• Dust Control
• Road & Road Base Preparation
• Helipads


BIO SOLV (Oil Dissolve)

• Sludge & Drilling Waste Treatment
• Oil Spill
• Oil Tank & Vessel Cleaning
• Equipment, Machinery & Tool Cleaning


Aquasmart Thermo (Insulation)

• Steel Structure
• Hot Pipelines
• Concrete
• Stucco
• Storage Units


FLEX Roof Top Coat (Climate Cooler)

• Extends roof life by many years
• Excellent adhesive power on difficult surfaces
• Up to 400% flexibility
• Reflects up to 80% of Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) rays
• Reduces surface temperature by up to 40%
• Hot summer day reduce indoor temperature up to 15 oC.
• Reduced CO2 emissions because less energy is required for cooling.
• Self – cleaning


PSV Valves

• Spring Loaded Safety Valves
• Small Size Spring Loaded Safety Valves
• Pilot Operated Relief Valves
• Pressure Safety Valves: ASME Section1


Lab Cabin

• The container comes fully complete internally with all interface connections terminated in junction boxes, for easy coupling to platform supply.
• Furniture are included
• Electrical, Instrumentation and Ventilation system are included
• Fully self-contained and can be easily transported any destination
• Customizable depends on requirement.
• Fully certified for offshore usage. EN 12079 – DNV 2.7-1



As the company pursues its quality strategy, the company has its management system modelled on the local and international standards and monitoring our performance, we strive for continual performance.



Quality Policy
Turkmen Gala prides itself on listening to each client`s unique needs and responding with a rapid and flexible service that excels in meeting client`s expectations, in terms of price, delivery, product and support. As the company pursues its quality strategy, the company has its management system modelled on the local and international standards and monitoring our performance, we strive for continual performance.

• The principle of good management:
• Criteria for good workmanship
• Clear communication at and between all levels
• Motivation through recognition of achievement, delegation and self-fulfillment.


Health, Safety and Environment Policy
In the conduct of our activities, we take foremost account of protecting the safety and health of all persons.
Turkmen Gala has objective of Safety and Health have equals status with our other primary business objectives and the management is responsible for implementing it to the highest standard. We are also committed to continuously improve in these matters in order to enhance our overall business efficiency and effectiveness and to maintain our position to be among the leaders in our fields.
From the starting point of full compliance with legislative requirement we will strive to the following:

• Prevent accidents.
• Promote a healthy and safe work place and safe working practices.
• Promote the health of our employees and prevent occupational disease.
• Promote protection of the equipment.
• Ensure proper utilization of tools, equipment and gears.
• Ensure individual and personal responsibility.
• Ensure sub-contractors working on our behalf to apply similar ethics.
• Promote the improvement within the industry.

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