California Dept. of Transportation Dust Palliative Test Standards Acceptance

California Department of Transportation
Security Paving Company, Inc.

SUBJECT: Submittal No. 52 "Dust Palliative test standards"- Accept 

This letter is to confirm receipt of Submittal No. 52, "Dust Palliative test standards" , dated February 06, 2018. The Department has reviewed the attached lab results from Soilworks LLC, for Brookfield absolute viscosity, all requirements have been met and accepts the Dust Palliative selected per Section 18-102B(5) "Synthetic Polymer Emulsions" of the Revised Standard Specifications.

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There is no issue with the pH, the test method ASTM D1293 is the correct test for pH, test method ASTM D1429 was incorrectly listed in the requirements table in Section 18-l. 02B(5) "Synthetic Polymer Emulsions" of the Revised Standard Specifications. The value for pH submitted under Submittal No. 43-4 "Dust Palliatives" dated December 11, 2017, was accepted.

If you should have any questions, please contact me at (760) 355-8666.



Senior Resident Engineer

cc: Gus Silva, Construction Engineer

cc: File Cat 5.05


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