West Virginia DEP Soiltac Approval Letter

Yogesh Patel, PE, Chief Engineer
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

Re: Dust Suppressant - SOILTAC®

Dear Mr. Neto,

This letter serves to authorize use of Soilworks, LLC's SOILTAC® as a dust suppressant in the state of West Virginia. 

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Please note the following restrictions which should be made available to any customer/applicator who intends to use the product as a dust suppressant in West Virginia. You may design your own notification process, but you are required to provide the following to users of the product:

  • Applications of SOILTAC® as a dust suppressant shall not take place during a storm event or when a storm event is imminent.
  • This product shall not be mixed with hazardous waste/materials, used oils, or any other mixture that may have the potential to contaminate groundwater or surface water.
  • Extreme caution must be used when applying the product to prevent direct runoff into waters of the state.

This authorization is contingent upon the product being used as a dust suppressant and the requirement that any changes of product formulation, processing, manufacturing, or any other change or modification of the product or its composition shall first be communicated to the Division of Water and Waste Management for review prior to product use.

Please retain this letter for your records. If you have questions, please contact Albert Barbery of my staff at (304) 926-0499 ext 1336 or by email at Albert.Barbery@wv.gov.

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