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AQ RSM Rock Quality – Report Data Sheet (Version 1.3 new English – Data for Commerce) (TPD1911048)

REPORT OF THE BENCH IMPACT : Measured Waves with Spectrum and Computation of RMS and AQ


1)   Meaning of data

Reported quantities:

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RSM: is the Rock Strength Measure, referred with earth dynamics to the Laboratory Test for 1 Sample of Sector 1 and its asymmetric speed record in Z and X directions composed as v1-v2to give the Shear Strength Q.

Average Quality: is the Percentage Quantity of the Bench surely better then 1 Bench previously commercialized of Sector 1 with measured v1 and v2 in Z and X directions. Reference:

Eng. M.Sc. PhD Roberto Tamagnini

Certified E-mail: r.tamagnini@pec.ording.roma.it


2)   Schematic representation of RSM and AQ.

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Figure 1 principle of the Rock Quality definition and Amount of Quality

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Figure 2 Quarry division in Sector



Bench Number: 1     Quarry Zone : 2

Comparison with: Bench 1 Quarry Zone: 1

Maximum Value in the Frequency Domain (FFT)

0.15 mm/sec at 0,1 Hz

Maximum value of Non Symmetrical Speed DEVIATION

1.0 mm/sec at time t0= 0 second

Maximum value of Vertical Speed (Z axis – blue)

1.1 mm/s

Maximum value of Horizontal Speed (X axis – green)

” – 0.1ǁ mm/s

Rock Strenght Measure -Rerefence Area 1 Zone 1

RSM Qmeasured / Qreference = 1.2 (plus 20% *)

Avarage Quality – Rerefence Area 1 Zone 1

AQ (Ameasured – Areference)/Ameasured = 0.6 (60% plus *)

Impact time – date:

01/01/2020 – Signature Director of Quarry:

  • * Orange value depends on previous data sheet of Bench 1 Zone 1 Qreference Areference

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