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WV DEP Dust Suppressant Approved List (TPD2004023)

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Dust Suppressant List Approved by the Division of Water and Waste Management



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West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

Division of Water and Waste Management 601 57th Street SE

Charleston, WV, 25304-2345

Phone: 304-926-0495

Fax:      304-926-0496



Austin Caperton, Cabinet Secretary




To:       Jeremy Bandy, Chief Inspector, DWWM From: Yogesh Patel, Chief Engineer, DWWM Date:         April 28, 2020

RE:      Approved Dust Suppressant List

Listed below are dust suppressants approved by the Division of Water and Waste Management


  1. Calcium Chloride
  3. Lignin
  4. Magnesium Chloride
  5. PennzSuppress*
  6. Ultra Bond* 2000
  7. Ammonium Ligno Sulfonate
  8. Earthbind 100
    1. Earthbind Stabilizer
    2. Comtech DC-100-49
    3. Newtrol*
    4. EnviroKleen* # 2
    5. Water
    6. Geomelt* previously called DG and Ice Bite S
    7. Soilworks, LLC – Gorilla-Snot*
    8. Durablend C
    9. Resinator*
    10. Soil Sement – Soil Sement labelled as Syntech EC46
    11. Lignin/LN100/Lignin LN100/DustFyghter*
    12. Momar, Inc – TOAD-SKIN*
    13. Momar, Inc – DUSTNOT SYN*
    14. Soilworks, LLC – SOILTAC*
    15. Soilworks, LLC – DURASOIL*
    16. Petrotac/Road Pro/Road Pro NT *
    17. EarthGuard*
    18. X-Hesion Pro*


*Registered Trademark

**Product has been modified from previously approved formula


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