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State of Wisconsin Motorized Recreation Grant Application – #2 Oconto Dust Control on Nicolet (TPD2004030)

#2 – Oconto Dust Control on Nicolet

State of Wisconsin

Department of Natural Resources


Due Date: April 15


Motorized Recreation Grant Application

For: (choose all that apply)                                           Form 970D-159 (R 12/16)

X ATV/UTV Trail Aid                                                       Page 1 of 5

_Snowmobile Trail Aid

_Motorized Stewardship – 20% County match required

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Trail Project Detailed Description

Durasoil will be applied in that section of the Nicolet State Trail located in the Town of Townsend. Durasoil is a dust control agent that Oconto County has used in the past to control dust from the Nicolet State Trail. Initial application of Durasoil require adding gravel and compacting according to the specifications of the Durasoil manufacture. Once compacted Durasoil may be sprayed via water truck at a rate recommended by the manufature on the label. This application is necessary due to the proximity of State Highway 32 to the trail. In Townsend the trail runs parallel to the highway. When dust becomes air borne it creates low visibility and hazardous driving conditions for motorist. Town of Townsend Chairman has requested a solution to the dust problem be found by the County. Since Oconto County has had success with this product in the pass it appears to be the best option.


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