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County of Maui – PR Use of soil stabilizer Soiltac® approved for properties impacted by August 8th fire in Lahaina (TPD2310016)

Use of soil stabilizer Soiltac® approved for properties impacted by August 8th fire in Lahaina

Mayor Richard Bissen today announced he has approved the use of the soil stabilizer Soiltac to protect residents’ health and the environment from risks posed by ash and debris that remain on properties impacted by the August 8    fire devastation in Lahaina.

The application of a stabilization product like Soiltac can help prevent exposure to ash and soot, by preventing runoff of hazardous materials to the ocean or nearby streams. It is also used to help reduce inhalation risks and the spread of ash to water on surrounding properties. Soiltac was utilized to stabilize soil on Kula properties affected by the fire disaster.

“It’s important to protect our community and our air quality and ocean waters from the harm that ash and debris can bring,” said Mayor Bissen. “With EPA’s review of the product and its recommendation, along with understanding that if we do nothing we will be placing our people and environment at risk, we will proceed with the application of a soil stabilization product.”

A review of the Soiltac product by the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed the product is non- toxic. Once the liquid product is applied, a crust will form to prevent ash and dust from migrating into the environment. Microplastics from burned plastic materials that are in the ash will also be prevented from migrating.

EPA will apply the soil stabilizer to the ash and debris footprints of buildings in Lahaina in coordination with County emergency management officials. The product is not considered to be biodegradable and will be removed as part of the debris removal process conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Application of Soiltac will begin as early as next week for properties in re-entry zones and extend to remaining impacted areas. Due to a risk of potential runoff into ocean waters, areas in close proximity to shorelines will be prioritized.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): www.mauirecovers.org/recovery/soiltac.

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