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Army Enviro Quality Tech Program FY 2003 (TPD0405014)

Particulate Matter (PM)/Dust Control

Potential Cost Avoidance of $790M w/an Investment of $12M*

* See Page B-1



Army training activities produce Particulate Matter (PM) that may exceed air quality standards resulting in fines and the reduction/shutdown of military training missions. Since emission characteristics and atmospheric behavior of PM emissions from non-facility sources are not well understood,



the Army is at a disadvantage when negotiating with regulators. Standard PM control technologies are ineffective and costly. Measurement technologies are too expensive and not appropriate for training mission. Fugitive dust from military maneuvers, tactical vehicle emissions, prescribed burning and obscurant training is the focus of this effort.



  • Source characterization and
  • PM mitigation
  • PM measurement
  • Receptor modeling of Army PM


How this project responds to need: Particulate matter models and measurement technologies meet the primary focus areas of AERTA requirement 2.1.b, with secondary emphasis on dust control technologies.

Sources of PM/dust contamination from Army Operations

FY03 Performance Objectives:

  • Determine long-term performance of innovative chemical dust palliatives applied to unpaved
  • Develop engine emission source characterization data for Army combat/tactical vehicles.

FY03 Performance Review:

Met all performance objectives for FY03.

Program Schedule:


RDT&E BA2 (0602720A 896)
Milestone/Product FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08
Tactical Vehicle Engine Emission Model for PM 95
Chemical/Physical PM Mitigation Technologies 188
PM Measurement Technologies for Opacity 145 148
Receptor Modeling

Method for Army Unique PM Source





Biological PM Mitigation Technologies 74 334
Technology for Field

Measurement of PM Concentrations







Total $(K): 653 516 549



  • In FY03, completed draft technology verification reports detailing the long-term performance of palliatives applied to unsurfaced roads at Fort Leonard Wood to ascertain potential environmental effects from palliative application.
  • In FY03, completed High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) engine usage field tests and engine exhaust emission testing for PM, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon components of the PM, and gaseous criteria air pollutants.
  • In FY03, developed source characterization technologies and chemical/physical PM mitigation
  • By FY04, develop opacity monitoring technology and receptor modeling
  • By FY05, develop biological PM mitigation and PM concentration measurement


Army Environmental Quality Technology Program Fiscal Year 2003                                                                B-8



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