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EIN Presswire – Soilworks® from Arizona Offers Eco-Friendly Soiltac® Solution for Lāhainā Wildfire Aftermath (TPD2311053)


Soilworks® from Arizona Offers Eco-Friendly Soiltac® Solution for Lāhainā Wildfire Aftermath

Company Deploys its Innovative, Environmentally-Friendly Copolymer to Safeguard Lāhainā Residents and the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem from Wildfire Contaminants.



STATES, November 1, 2023

/EINPresswire.com/ — Following the devastating Maui wildfires in August, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was tasked by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with the responsibility of overseeing the surveying, removal, and disposal of hazardous materials in the affected areas of Lāhainā and Kula on Maui. The EPA sought a solution to handle the contamination aftermath. Having used Soiltac on sensitive projects in the past, the EPA recognized the expertise of Soilworks, a global leader in dust control and soil stabilization. After rigorously evaluating Soilworks’ Soiltac copolymer for both performance and environmental efficacy, the EPAapproved its use, confirming it as “non-toxic”, and swiftly recommended its application. Maui Mayor Richard Bissen further endorsed this decision, which resulted in the rapid deployment of EPA contractor teams to apply Soiltac.

Leveraging its more than two decades of experience in soil stabilization, Soilworks promptly provided its signature Soiltac copolymer designed to seal and fortify the wildfire- impacted regions.


“Our thoughts remain with the Maui community. Collaborating with the EPA and Mayor Bissen underscores our dedication to Lāhainā, striving to provide safety and well-being for its residents.” Chad Falkenberg


These regions, covering over 2,170 acres, were found contaminated with hazardous substances such as arsenic, asbestos, and lead. The potential repercussions of these contaminants include endangering local aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and wildlife, seeping into the food chain, and posing significant health threats to residents.


In addressing this environmental challenge, approximately 70 scientists and environmental activists supported the use of Soiltac, emphasizing the critical health implications of untreated ash. Tara Fitzgerald, the EPA’s deputy incident commander for the wildfires, stated, “We have rigorously evaluated various soil stabilizers, and Soiltac emerged as the frontrunner.”


Throughout this initiative, Soilworks has upheld a transparent approach, providing comprehensive environmental reports on Soiltac, including full disclosure of its proprietary ingredients. The combination of the EPA’s prior experience with Soiltac, its documented effectiveness, and its non-toxic composition reinforced its choice as the prime solution for this pressing challenge.


The application of Soiltac forms a resilient crust on the affected ash and debris, dramatically reducing the likelihood of winds or rain sweeping the charred remains and ash into the air and the Pacific Ocean. This not only protects the marine and coral ecosystems but also ensures the health and safety of Lāhainā’s residents.


Reflecting on the tragic event, Chad Falkenberg, CEO of Soilworks, remarked, “Our thoughts remain with the Maui community during these challenging times. Collaborating with the EPA and Mayor Bissen underscores our dedication to Lāhainā, striving to provide safety and well-being for its residents.”


Subsequent to search-and-rescue operations in the Lāhainā wildfire areas, the rollout of Soiltac began on October 12th. The EPA views this as a critical interim solution, with the next phase of ash and debris removal set to be overseen by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. In alignment with EPA recommendations, the Soiltac application rate was devised to ensure protection for at least six months.


Upon application, Soiltac’s unique copolymer molecules coalesce to bond toxic ash and debris together, forming a robust, water-resistant barrier against potential health and environmental threats.


Established in 2003, Soilworks remains steadfast in its mission to assist communities worldwide, particularly in the aftermath of tragedies like the Maui wildfires. Grounded in its principles, Soilworks offers results-driven solutions during times of need. The company’s forward-thinking approach, underlined by a slew of patents, mirrors its unwavering commitment to innovating in dust control and soil stabilization.


A spokesperson from Soilworks added, “Beyond providing a product, we extend our unwavering support, ensuring that affected communities can rebuild and recover.”


For an in-depth look into Soilworks’ commitment and its array of eco-friendly soil stabilization products, please visit www.soilworks.com.


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