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ERDC Expedient Road Construction Methods for Sand and Soft Soil Subgrade (TPD0403012)


Engineer Research and Development Center

Expedient Road Construction Methods for Sand and Soft Soil Subgrades


Jeb S. Tingle, P.E. Research Civil Engineer

Airfields and Pavement Branch Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory




Expedient Road Construction

Expedient Military Engineering:

  • Logistics-Over-The-Shore (LOTS)
  • Bypass Routes Temporary Solutions
  • Log Base Support
  • Establish Lines-of-Communication  (LOCs)

Peacetime Military Engineering:

  • Temporary Access Roads
  • Perimeter Roads
  • Tank Trails and Training Facilities

Expedient Road Solutions

Sandy Soils:

  • Sand Grid or Geocell
  • Geofiber Stabilization
  • Fiberglass Matting
  • Plastic Hexagonal Matting


Soft Soils:

  • Corduroy/Wood Matting
  • DURA-BASE Matting
  • Geosynthetics/Lightweight Fill

Geocell/Sand Grid:

  • HDPE Collapsible Cells for Reduced Footprint
  • 8-ft by 20-ft Expanded Sections
  • Installation Rate 65 ft2/man-hour
  • Cost $1.50/ft2
  • Supports 2,000 5-Ton Trucks


  • Mix 8% by weight of 2-in.-long Fibers In Sand
  • Confines Sand for Improved Bearing Capacity
  • Intimate Mixing Required
  • 8-in. Roads and 12-in. for Airfields
  • Surface with 5-1.0 gsy Road Oyl/acrylic polymer
  • Installation Rate 250 ft2/man-hour
  • Cost $1.59/ft2


Geofiber Construction:


      Place               Mix              Compact                 Spray                   Traffic


Fiberglass Matting:

  • Fiberglass 6-ft by 6-ft 110-lb Panels
  • Installation Rate: 400 ft2per man-hour
  • Cost $7.88/ft2(Reusable)
  • Traffic: 2,000 5-Ton Trucks


Plastic Hexagonal Matting:

  • HDPE Hexagonal Matting (2.9 ft2 per mat)
  • Installation Rate: 750 ft2per man-hour
  • Cost $6.00/ft2(Reusable)
  • Traffic: Light-Traffic Areas & Flooring
  • Not for Sharp Curves
  • Not as Durable





Installation using Alignment tools

Alignment of mat panel holes

Pin connector



Expedient Road Solutions Mobi-Mat?

  • Roll-Up Mesh with/without Reinforcing Bars
  • Installation Rate 100 ft2/man-hour with Staking
  • Cost $14.11 to 90/ft2
  • Supports <50 5-Ton Trucks Over Sand (Webster and Tingle 1998)

Corduroy/Wood Matting:

  • Prefabricated Wood Mat/Geotextile
  • Installation Rate: 100 ft2per man-hour
  • Cost $4.99/ft2(Reusable)
  • Traffic: 2,000 5-Ton Trucks on 1 CBR

DURA-BASE Matting:

  • 8-ft by 14-ft HDPE Panels (1,100 lbs/panel)
  • Installation Rate: 150 ft2per man-hour
  • Cost $29.75/ft2(Reusable or Lease)
  • Traffic: 2,000 5-Ton Trucks over 1 CBR




Geosynthetics/Lightweight Fill:

  • Up to 50% Reduction in Aggregate Requirements
  • Wood Chips/Sand Provide Drainable Lightweight Fill
  • Installation Rate: 50 to 100 ft2per man-hour
  • Cost $1.35 to $3.27/ft2
  • Traffic: 5,000 5-Ton Trucks


Geosynthetics/Lightweight Fill:

Sustainment Solutions

Example of Aggregate Road Design:


  • Contingency Operations Requires Flexibility
  • Identify Mission Requirements
  • Assess the Conditions
    • Site Characterization
    • Equipment Available
    • Material Available
    • Manpower Available
    • Other Resources
  • Evaluate Alternative Solutions
  • Select the “Best” Option for the Situation


Military Road and Airfield Construction

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