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FEMA – Please Allow 24 Hours Before Entry After Soil Stabilizer Treatments (Pohnpeian)(TPD2310038)

Menlau Uhran Awa 24 Mwurin Arail Pahn Kawinie Oh Kamwau Ih Pwehl Mwohn Omw Pahn Pedolong

Release Date: October 18, 2023


Pwehki siniei me wiawi rahn August 8 nan Lahaina, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pahn kawinie nan pwehl pwe en kihsang pehs oh pwelipar. Wini et sohte pwoisin mwurin eh pan madada, pekpek ehng tohn wasah en awih mwurin awa 24 mwohn pedolong nan sapwen kohwa.


  • Wini me re doadoahngki et pahn kamwahuiala nan pwehl oh pil nan wehwe kihsang pehs oh pwelipar nan Lahaina. Wini et pil iangehr doadoahk nan Kula wasa me iang lelehng siniei.
  • Soiltac®, iei eden wini me re pahn doadoahngki pahn sewese kamwahuiala nan pwehl oh nan wehwe kihsang pehs oh pwelipar pwe koaros en mengei en esingek. Wini et pahn pil kalikedi dipwisou sakanakan kan en pedolong nan sed de nan pilap kan.
  • Koaros kak pedolong nan sapwerail de imwarail mwurin arail pahn kihdi wini et nan pwehl. EPA pekpeki koaros en awi mwurin awa 24 mwohn pedolong.
  • Wini et sohte pahn pwoison de sansal mwurin eh pahn doadoahk. Wini et pahn kihsang pwelipar me kin pwarada mwurin kamwokid en pehs kan.
  • Mwurin arail pahn kiheng wini et nan pwehl, mie sign de kisilikou me re pahn kihda pwehn dehdehieng koaros rahn oh kiloak depe wini et kohieng nan pwehl.
  • Pwihn me wiahda wini et me kaweid ki me mwurin awa 24 me wini et pahn soandi nan pwehl. Pwehki climate me kitail mihmi loale, wini et pahn mwadang te ten la ahpw re men kaweid ki me keiou mwahu koaros en awih mwurin awa 24.
  • Soangen wini et kin kamwahu ih nan wehwe kihsang pwelipar oh pehs ahpw koaros en menlau rong kaweid oh uhran oh ansoun pedolong, koaros en pil doadoahngki face mask pwe en sile paliwaratail.


Oahng rongkapw me pid sawas oahng siniei me wiawi Maui, komw kak visit site mauicounty.gov, mauirecovers.org oh fema.gov/disaster/4724. Follow FEMA on social media: @FEMARegion9 and facebook.com/fema.

Last updated October 20, 2023

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