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FEMA – Please Allow 24 Hours Before Entry After Soil Stabilizer Treatments (Chuukese) (TPD2310038)

Kose Mochen Witiwitino 24 Awa An Epwe Tawe Foreochun Pwunun Kewe Neni Mwen Kopwe Tonong

Release Date: October 18, 2023


Ren an epwe ekisono susupwun me nimengawen mochoch me piipiin won kewe neni non Lahaina properties esenipeian ewe kar non ewe Aug. 8, ewe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency a fori an angangen nimeti me safen pwun itan soil stabilizer. Ei soil stabilizer ese asamwau ika a pwasono, iei popwun aramas repwe utti murin 24 awa murin ar safeni pwunun won nenier kewe mwen repwe tonong.


  • Ei soil stabilizer a kawor faniten epwe tumwunu aramas me kewe neni ar resapw samwau ren kewe mwochochen kar me pii esenipeian ewe kar won kewe neni non Lahaina. Kewe neni mi kar non Kula rap wan safen ngeni ei soil stabilizer.
  • Ei safen pwun itan Soiltac® ika ra eaea a tongeni epetuk seni semaun susupwun ika peasen en mwoch me pwan epeti fetanin om ngasangas atun om chupwei piipii. Apwan anisi kewe chonun metoch mi efeiengau an epwe pwutiw non en saat ika chonupwupwu.
  • Aramas ra tongeni tonong non nenier kewe me nimeti ika chupei pisek mwurin an ei safen pwun awes angangan. Ewe EPA a tingor ren aramas repwe mwut ika utti ngeni 24 awa mwen repwe tonong non nenier kewe.
  • Mwurin a totiw ei safei me a pwasono, ese chuwen efeiengau, iwe sise pwan kuna murimwurin. A tongeni ekukunono susupwun ika peasen pwun ika sa chupei ika amwokutu.
  • Murin a totiw ei safeen pwun, ew sain epwe pacheta non ewe neni an epwe afat ranin me kunokun inet a totiw won ewe pwun.
  • Ekewe ra wisen fori ei safen pwun ra eureura pwe murin ukukun 24- awa an epwe pwas. Ikamwo pwun ei safei a tongeni pwasekai non kei esin neni mi chok euchea epwe tori ukukun 24-awa an epwe pwaseoch me mwen tonong non kewe neni.
  • Ikamwo pwe ei safeen pwun a ekisono susunpwun ika peas, mi chok euchea aramas repwe afani eureurer meren kewe pekin piong ren ar repwe eaea kewe pisekin epeti inis ren mask me mwen tonong atun esemwo tawe ewe angangen nimeti.


Ren minafon porousen angangen forsefan murin ewe kar Maui , eto

ikei mauicounty.gov, mauirecovers.org me fema.gov/disaster/4724. Fiti FEMA online: @FEMARegion9 me facebook.com/fema

Nasenon asofonon October 20, 2023


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