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Mayor Bissen Approves Soiltac® for Lahaina Fire-Affected Properties; Application to Start Next Week (TPD2310019)

Mayor Bissen Approves Soiltac® for Lahaina Fire-Affected Properties; Application to Start Next Week

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Mayor Richard Bissen has approved the use of Soiltac, a soil stabilizer, for the areas affected by the recent fire in Lahaina on August 8th. Soiltac is known to reduce environmental damage and health risks by preventing ash and debris from polluting the surroundings, including water bodies. This product has been used successfully in Kula, another fire-affected area.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that Soiltac is non-toxic. The EPA will work with County emergency management to apply Soiltac to the areas in Lahaina where buildings were damaged by the fire. The stabilizer is not biodegradable and will be removed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during the debris clearance process.

The application of Soiltac could start as early as next week. Priority will be given to properties in re-entry zones and those near shorelines, due to the risk of runoff into the ocean. The rest of the affected areas will follow.

Mayor Bissen highlighted the need to safeguard the community, air, and ocean from the damage caused by ash and debris. He affirmed that the decision to use a soil stabilizer was based on the EPA’s recommendation and the understanding that not acting would endanger people and the environment.

For more details on Soiltac, please visit www.mauirecovers.org/recovery/soiltac. The website provides a FAQ section about the product and its use.

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