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Soilworks products are the industry’s top standard due to our insistence on creating high performance soil stabilization and dust control products that stand up to rigorous testing – both in the lab and in the field. Our commitment to quality and performance has led to our involvement and testing in hundreds of real-world situations. The following library of reports, presentations, specifications, approvals and other similar documents provide you, our customer, the transparency and dependable assurance that is expected from Soilworks.

Trucking Brochure – Gorilla-Snot (SGS2211016)


Soil Stabilization & Dust Control

Gorilla-Snot®, the Proven Dust Compliance Solution

Unpaved roads and parking lots require durable dust control to maintain air quality and driver safety. Soilworks offers reliable solutions that tame dust on roads and parking, prevent track out, and minimize dust emissions from wind conditions. Gorilla-Snot helps create safe driving conditions and reduces costly vehicle maintenance caused by dusty environments while maintaining a light surface crust.

A Reliable Dust Control Solution for Safe Driving Conditions


On the surface, water might seem like the perfect solution to your dust control needs. Water must be applied over and over again, evaporating too quickly or creating mud, rutting or even loss of traction. Gorilla-Snot provides a lasting solution, managing dust and conserving water.

Gorilla-Snot is a synthetic copolymer dispersion engineered to control dust and prevent erosion. The environment-friendly product creates a strong and resilient, yet flexible surface that can withstand heavy vehicle traffic and intense environmental conditions from several weeks to years.

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • Dries clear and odorless
  • Does not rinse away with rain
  • Water and UV-ray resistant
  • PM10 & PM2.5 Compliant (Stops dust particles of 2.5+ microns in size)
  • Non-corrosive & safe for all equipment



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