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Successful Dust Control


While many people confuse soil stabilization and dust control, our experts know the difference. They also know which option is best for your needs. We’ve supplied construction and military sites around the world and each time, we’ve tailored the Soilworks solution to fit the need. Do you have equipment with rubber tires or a tracked vehicle like a forklift or bobcat? We know it makes a difference. Looking for simple dust capping or are you interested in increasing load-bearing capacity? We have a product for each. Our experts can show you what will work for your needs.
When it comes to successful dust control, understanding the types of vehicles that will traverse your job site is important. Vehicles with rubber or pneumatic tires will interact with treated dirt in a very different manner than tanks or helicopters. Our dust control experts know which Soilworks products will provide the best results and will work with you to determine the proper coverage based on your needs.

Your product and solution depends on
the type of vehicles used at the site.

Pneumatic Tires

When creating a road for smooth tires, Gorilla-Snot and Soiltac are your best solutions. Both products (as well as Powdered Soiltac) will cap the dust and leave you with a surface that’s easy maneuverable.

Load Bearing Capacity

Soilworks provides dust control solutions that also increase load-bearing strength — based on the number of applications used..

Dust Capping

Gorilla-Snot and Soiltac provide both short-term and long-range solutions for dust capping to eliminate erosion or fugitive dust.

Another factor to consider is the length of time the dust control solution will be in place. How long is your window? If it’s a relatively short timetable, we recommend Gorilla-Snot. For longer-term projects, Soiltac is the answer.

Tracks, Forklifts, Skids & Skid Steers

If you’re job calls for equipment with tracked tires or you’re running a military operation, the power of Durasoil steps in to deliver our highest performance results.

Adaptive and Re-workable

While Durasoil does not increase load-bearing strength, it is re-workable, meaning that the same treated area can be re-worked over and over again, with any further product applications filling the role of support.

One of the many advantages to using Durasoil is the workability of the treated area. Because of Durasoil’s patented formula, your job can continue to move forward.

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