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Successful Dust Control


Overlooking dust control isn’t just an operational misstep—it’s a significant health hazard. Uncontrolled dust poses serious respiratory risks to workers, leading to a dangerous work environment ripe for accidents.

Effective dust control hinges on recognizing the types of vehicles operating on your site. Vehicles equipped with rubber or pneumatic tires respond differently to treated surfaces compared to heavier machinery. Our team of dust control specialists, the most knowledgeable in the industry, understands the unique needs of different vehicles, from forklifts to skid steers. At Soilworks, we’re committed to providing you with the perfect Soilworks product for your situation, ensuring dependable performance and safety. We collaborate closely with you to ascertain the ideal product and application rate, tailored to the specific requirements of your site.

Tailored Solutions: Customized to the Vehicle Types at Your Site

Pneumatic Tires

For roads designed for pneumatic tires, choose Gorilla-Snot and Soiltac (as well as Powdered Soiltac). These leading Soilworks products effectively control dust, providing a maneuverable surface with proven reliability and environmental safety.

Load Bearing Capacity

Soilworks enhances dust control solutions with increased load-bearing strength, depending on the application frequency.

Dust Capping

Gorilla-Snot and Soiltac offer both immediate and long-term dust capping solutions, effectively preventing erosion and controlling fugitive dust.

Considering the duration of your dust control needs is crucial. Gorilla-Snot is recommended for short-term projects, offering immediate effectiveness. For longer-term requirements, Soiltac is the ideal solution, providing sustained dust control.

Tracks, Forklifts, Skids & Skid Steers

Durasoil, a synthetic fluid ideal for tracked tires and military operations, offers unmatched dust control. It’s long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and effective in extreme conditions.


Adaptive and Re-workable

Durasoil is uniquely re-workable. This means treated areas can be repeatedly worked on, with subsequent applications of Durasoil reinforcing and maintaining its effectiveness.

Using Durasoil offers the significant advantage of maintaining workability in treated areas. Its patented formula allows for uninterrupted progress on your projects, ensuring continuous operational flow.

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