Andrada Quarry Expansion Environmental Assessment (TPD1912054)

Pinto Valley Mine Draft Environmental Impact Statement Vol 2 (TPD1912056)

Mining America Annual Meeting in Sparks Nevada (TPD1912057)

Consulting for Quality Management of Excavated Rock and Dust Control (Version 3.1 new English – Data for Commerce) (TPD1911049)

2020 TPD1910060 Georgia DOT NPE Status Report (TPD1910060)

Lehigh Permanente Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment Conditions of Approval Compliance 2018-2019 Annual Report Information Package (TPD1910058)

Missouri Public Training and Riding Stable Conditional Use Permit

Maricopa County Dust Palliative Stabilization Award Letter (TPD1907039)

Georgia DOT NPE Status Report July (TPD1907062)

World AG Expo 2019 Exhibitor Listing (TPD1906063)