The Deal Lake Watershed Protection Plan – Milestone 5 Report Grant (TPD1101034)

Methods to Maximize Budgets & Minimize Maintenance on Unpaved Roads (TPD1011032)

The Rogue Eagle Publication – Radio-Controlled Club Oregon (TPD1011027)

Quarterly Design Meeting No. 32 Alaska DOT (TPD1009029)

Comparative Performance Analysis for Soil Stabilization Between Traditional Processes and Soiltac (TPD1009020)

ASCE Effectiveness of Moisture and Fixatives in Controlling Mobility of Contaminated Soil (TPD1007023)

Water Usage Assessment For The Proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill – CO (TPD0912037)

Ft Bliss Training Area Tank Trails Repair – Armored Aggregate Surface Course Stabilization (TPD0911045)

UDARI Army Airfield Kuwait (TPD0909045)

AZ Motorized & Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Plan (TPD0910007)