There really isn’t anything cheap about water

The True Cost of


Water might initially seem like an economical and straightforward solution for dust control—simply moisten the soil, and dust appears to vanish. Yet, our esteemed dust control experts have delved into the actual costs of employing water for this purpose. The reality encompasses the extended evaporation times, the creation of mud, surface rutting, diminished traction, and more, all resulting from water use. Additionally, the increased requirements for manpower, fuel, tire wear, and other factors further compound the costs. As our specialists have rigorously calculated, the presumed affordability of water for dust suppression is, in fact, a misconception.


This figure highlights the immense volume of water saved worldwide by Soilworks’ cutting-edge products, showcasing our leadership in sustainable dust control and our commitment to preserving Earth’s vital resource.


The distinction in both performance and cost becomes clear when comparing Soilworks' solutions to water, beginning with the quantity required for effective dust control.

The difference in application requirements is considerable. Water necessitates frequent applications, a demand that intensifies in hot, dusty locales. Soilworks’ products stand apart, needing just a singular application with occasional maintenance coats.

The cycle of constantly watering the ground spikes fuel usage—a stark contrast to Soilworks’ once-applied products, which markedly reduce the need for recurrent fuel expenditure.

Labor costs also escalate with the continuous application of water for dust suppression. Soilworks’ innovative solutions can significantly cut down on the manpower required to maintain dust control, offering a more efficient use of resources.

Less obvious but equally important is the wear and tear on application vehicles. Regular use for water application accelerates vehicle depreciation, affecting everything from tires to overall vehicle health. Soilworks’ products, with their reduced application frequency, allow for less vehicle usage, thereby extending the lifespan of your fleet.

Lastly, the cumulative hours spent using vehicles for water application can lead to increased maintenance costs. Soilworks’ products not only effectively control dust but also help in keeping your maintenance costs low, adding another layer of operational efficiency

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